Here is my phpMyAdmin report for October 2022.

First week (40)

not working on the project

Second week (41)

I reviewed and merged quite a lot of pull-requests. Also made adjustments of tests. Rebased and tested contributors work.

Third week (42)

I sorted out a lof of old issues, reviewed a lot of pull-requests. Also fixed UI bugs on the old confirm modal about close modals and go/cancel buttons. And fixed bugs on the monitor page.

Fourth week (43)

I started by fixing bugs and made changes to the issue and pull-request workflow and wrote them into a wiki page Merged and reviewed contributions. Changed jquery migrate and validation to the .min.js version. I wrote fixes for the multi table query interface. And improved some details on Metro theme. And finally I wrote more bug fixes and changed js.cookie.js to the .min.js version.