Here is my phpMyAdmin report for September 2022.

First week (35)

I worked on our packaging script to allow users to remove some vendor folders. And worked on updating the FAQ about this. And wrote a script to check the class map. I merged a pull-request on sql-parser, updated baselines and composer scripts. Also did some work on the Debian packaging side. And worked on issue management.

Second week (36)

I did adjustments on our check build script. Fixed a bug on GIS visualization. And worked on issue management.

Third week (37)

not working on the project

Fourth week (38)

I documented 5.2 on our website.

not working on the project

Fifth week (39)

I continued working on vendor removal. Made pull-request reviews. Did bug tracking. And did do some issue management. I wrote a test for the column compression option and improved the code.