Here is my OpenSource report for January 2021.

First week (01)


I worked at desportes infrastructure to finish fixing my LDAP search configuration and the test suite.

The Docker Mailserver invited me to join their GitHub organization. Thanks guys !


At Doctum I decided to drop PHP 7.1 series in favor of supporting PHP 8.0 on the phar. A QA_5_3 branch was created but for now I have no idea if I will use it.


At Doctum I merged a pull-request after a rebase to fix types resolving. And cleaned up some recent useless files that had and could enter the phar file. Also I did enable GitHub discussions

I created the sudo-bot/action-scrutinizer to move out some script lines on the phpMyAdmin sql-parser GitHub actions migration.

Second week (02)


At Doctum I fixed my vendor cleaning script after I did find out that I had did a mistake in the path I configured. I spent some time configuring GitLab and GitLab pages for this blog, but it just did not work for some (still) unknown reason.


I moved this blog from GitLab to GitHub pages because for some reason it was not working and I always had some 401 errors when browsing. It just never worked and that made not sense because most of my websites are GitLab pages hosted. Anyway, bye bye GitLab pages. I used one of my bots to GPG sign and push commits on gh-pages when I edit the blog contents.

Third week (03)

I created an RSS feed for Doctum.

Fourth week (04)